Meeting the needs of today without compromising the future

Global population is increasing and the world is demanding more energy. The challenge for the planet is providing cleaner energy at lower costs. We’re using our expertise to assist our clients in the strive to develop ground breaking technologies in renewables and production of lower-carbon energy.

Provision of specialist engineers

Dexcrest consultants have each sat a rigorous safety and technical competency assessment in addition to a psychometric evaluation. Personnel are supplied with a ‘Competas Passport’ which provides a digital blueprint of the individuals safety and technical competencies together with their personality profile ensuring the creation of safe, efficient and reliable workforces.

Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

The Dexcrest management makes diversity and inclusion one of our boardroom priorities. The energy industry is starting to experience a talent crisis, the impacts of an ageing workforce and widening skills gaps. By creating diverse and inclusive teams that are more adaptable, creative and competent, enables us to continue to assist in the growth of the energy sector a diverse and safe workplace

Sustainability Statement
Consulting Engineers
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