Serving the energy industry for over 45 years

Dexcrest Limited has over 45 years of experience providing consultancy services and procurement solutions to the the oil and gas industry

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Commissioning and completions management

For a successful project conclusion, it is essential to ensure that completion activities of any installation are performed in a safe, efficient and auditable manner.


In conjunction with our sister company Dexcrest Technical Services, our procurement team offers competitive worldwide tendering across a broad range of products and services to internationally developed and recognised standards and codes.

Health, Safety and Environmental

HSSE issues are regarded by Dexcrest from a practical engineering perspective, requiring the integration of miulti-disciplined capabilities. Our commitment to health and safety goes well beyond compliance with stautory requirements in the territories concerned.

Operations support

Managing project completion activities has enabled Dexcrest’s engineers to gain first-hand knowledge of how the facilities operate and address efficiently any required post start-up modifications. With this knowledge, operator manuals and procedures can be written or reviewed and appropriate training given.

Project management

We drive projects from inception to completion, always aiming to deliver on time, to specification, and within budget. Dexcrest supplies support to project management on many major projects which we base at the most suitable location from providing efficient, regular and close/contract liason.

Provision of specialist engineers

Dexcrest has a large database of consultant engineers which can provide support in-house, at our clients’ offices, or on0site. We have the capability to ascertain the clients’ needs and select suitable personnel to fulfil their requirements.

Technical documentation

Our experienced engineers and support staff generate high quality documents using the latest equipment and software.

Functional safety

Dexcrest provide the services a project needs in terms of functional safety compliance throughout the lifecycle of a project. The operation of many industrial processes, especially those in oil and gas and petrochemical sectors involve inherent risks due to the presence of hazardous gasses and or chemicals.

Provision of specialist engineers

Dexcrest has a large database of consultant engineers who can provide best-in-class service, in-house, on-site, or in our offices

Experience has shown us that, to achieve a successful outcome to any project, it is best to be involved at the earliest possible stage.

Using time saving methods and technologies.

By calling in our engineers at the beginning, projects benefit directly from the input of skilled consultants who have significant experience of faults found during the construction, commissioning and start-up phases.
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Steve Knott AM Chief Executive Australian Resources and Energy Group AMMA (29)
45 years of successful engineering consultancy
Nigel Pickard
Managing Director

The feedback and input from lessons learned reduces risk of possible issues

Engineers at Dexcrest are specifically selected to work alone or in a team environment. Dexcrest has the strength and flexibility to provide the necessary expertise to deliver optimum results on time and within budget.

The best people for the task

We approach every project with a focus on exceeding the client’s needs.

A reputation of quality

Dexcrest has a long standing reputation of providing the highest quality engineers to task.

Consulting Engineers
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